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Who We Are

This is the garden where beauty and purpose grow. We create original artwork for a wide variety of uses such as textile, websites, products, print, auto, and anything that can be printed.


Hello Friend, 

  I'm Jacqueline Hamilton, your designer.

I enjoy making things beautiful and functional. God gave me multiple gifts and one of them is to design. His workmanship is beyond description and full of purpose and function. Truly, He makes all things beautiful in their time. I am therefore inspired, and on a mission to honor my Creator and Master Designer with this gift by designing artwork to be used in all aspects of our daily lives. My goal is to design for textile, products, and décor for both residential and commercial space. My creative flame burns to design artwork for spiritual growth in Christ, and for edification and inspiration.



To use design to proclaim God's word, to inspire, to encourage, to challenge and to make life beautiful and purposeful.

Seeing beyond the familiar and the predictable 


Jahqline Designs establishes its business model on biblical principles in order that the Creator and "Master Designer" will be honored. Integrity is our guiding principle-simply doing what is right or not at all.

A house that is built upon the Rock cannot fall.



Often times, start-up organizations find it a challenge to secure industry quality, commercial graphics without breaking the bank. Jahqline Design will join forces with you. to help you launch and grow your vision. I will empower and equip you with the creative solutions you need. I will educate, inform, advise, and implement.

Demolishing limitations caused by fear.


Excellence and good taste is the standard-from concept to completion. All that we do must honor God. Artwork will only be designed in a manner that is wholesome and tasteful. Nothing offensive that depicts the following will be provided: religious exclamations, religious profanities, profanity of any kind, scatological terms, anatomical terms, mild obscenities, horror, violence, obscene hand gesture, pornographic, sexual references, derogatory terms.

Boundaries keep away the little foxes that destroy the vine.
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